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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/14/12: Basketball Signing Day

A daily collection of links on the Cyclones and sports in general.

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MATT THOMAS MAKING IT OFFICIAL. Unless his letter of intent gets lost in the mail, Matt Thomas is officially a Cyclone today.

MARBLE HELPS IOWA STATE? Roy Marble crossed state rivalry lines in helping the Cyclones recruit Monte Morris.

EIGHT QUARTERS. 120 minutes could separate this Cyclone squad from the squads of years past.

NOT LOOKING PAST KU. The team remains insistent they will not look past the 1-8 Jayhawks.

DEFENSE ISN'T DONE YET. After struggling for a couple of weeks, the Cyclone defense says they aren't on empty quite yet.

DESPERATION COMES IN DIFFERENT FORMS. Both Kansas and Iowa State are desperate for a win, but it's not the same desperation.

FERENTZ IS ANGRY AGAIN. Don't ask Kirk Ferentz about Peter Gray.

HIGH FIVE FOR THIS AGGIE. An A&M fan snuck onto the sideline for the entire game against Alabama. Bravo, sir.

THEN THERE'S THIS GUY. Just when A&M fans do something cool, you find out there's a drunken racist one talking trash at an airport.

YEAH... IT WAS ALL THE SEC. Clay Travis writes possibly his worst article yet, using the fact that A&M's game against the number one team in the country received higher ratings in Austin than UT's game against us as proof A&M did the right thing in leaving.

MOUNTAINEER REGRET? Did WVU join the Big 12 conference too early?

BIG EAST EAST AND BIG EAST WEST. The Big East decided on division names, and they went with boring/confusing/repetitive. It's still better than Legends and Leaders though.

WORST AIRBALL EVER? Having been at the game Iowa State played against Alabama A&M Monday, I've seen plenty of airballs, but this airballed layup takes the cake.