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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/15/12

A daily collection of links on the Cyclones and sports in general.

NO SURPRISES ON SIGNING DAY. Both the men and the women signed four in their 2013 classes.

SEVEN STRAIGHT. The volleyball team added to their impressive winning streak by downing Kansas State in four sets.

UPSET ALERT? David Ubben puts the Cyclones on upset alert against Kansas, which is pretty unsurprising and probably justified based on how many Cyclone fans that are pessimistic about the game. He's still picking us to win though.

GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT BOWLING. The Cyclones are well aware of KU's plans to stop their bowl bid, and are doing their best to not overlook KU.

THE ALPHABETICAL. This week's edition features an ode to Iowa's offense, with this fun little tidbit: "QB James Vandenberg's yards per completion: 5.83. The total number of running backs with significant carries who average better than this per carry: 62 of them, with Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez tied at 5.83 yards per carry." Just for reference. Jantz: 6 yards per attempt, 9.64 yards per completion. Barnett: 5.5 yards per attempt, 11.49 yards per completion.

CHIP KELLY'S OFFENSE. You may think high octane new age spread when you think of Chip Kelly's system, but it's actually a blend of old and new, with big results.

BLACKOUT. Maryland is slated to wear "Black Ops" jerseys this weekend.

THE TEABAG INCIDENT, TEN MONTHS LATER. An in-depth look at the aftermath of the famous incident at the Krystal.

BANGING IT OUT. This Kansas newspaper tried for a catchy lead and ended up with a sexual reference.

ERIC BERRY HATES HORSES. Yeah, equinophobia is a serious disease. I find it funny that he plays for the Chiefs, because there's also this classic LSUFreek GIF involving a horse Bernard Pollard and Tom Brady.

JEFF GREEN THROWING DOWN. The Celtics forward put in a ridiculously massive dunk yesterday.

IBRA! I don't usually link soccer here, but when a guy scores 4 goals and the last one is an overhead kick from 35 yards out, I'm going to go ahead and share.