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College Football Open Thread

Stephen Dunn

Iowa State doesn't play until 6 PM this evening, so it's Open Thread time until then. Several games of note to pass the time:

11:00 - Iowa at #21 Michigan on ESPN, #10 Florida State at Maryland on ESPNU, Northwestern at Michigan State on ESPN2,

12:30 - #25 Washington at Colorado on FX

2:05 - #18 USC at #17 UCLA on Fox

2:30 - #23 Texas Tech at #24 Oklahoma State on Fox Sports Net, Wake Forest at #3 Notre Dame on NBC, Ole Miss at #7 LSU on CBS, North Carolina State at #11 Clemson on ABC OR Ohio State at Wisconsin on ABC, Minnesota at #14 Nebraska on BTN

Night Games - Iowa State at Kansas on Fox Sports Net...that's all you need to know.

Open thread away. As a reminder, please do not share any illegal streams.