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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/20/12

A daily collection of links on the Cyclones and sports in general

GAMER. Sam Richardson plays in game much better than he practices, says Paul Rhoads.

KIRBY'S OUT. The finalist list for the Ray Guy award was released, and Kirby Van Der Kamp is notably absent. Stats for KVDK: 27/65 inside the 20, 10 50+ yarders, 42.0 yd average, 2 touchbacks.

SAM RICHARDSON IS "CUTE". Paul Rhoads got an email about how "cute" Sunshine is. Of course this led to Paul Rhoads being Paul Rhoads: "He's got that going for him, I think that's awfully important when it comes to winning football games."

MORE PR. Another tidbit from his press conference:

STOPPING TAVON. Wally Burnham talks about stopping the offensive juggernaut that is West Virginia.

ANOTHER TOP 100 RECRUIT. Fred Hoiberg just keeps reeling them in. This time, it's KC area PG Clayton Custer. Custer is a Rivals 4 star recruit and also held offers from Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and South Carolina.

MCGEE BACK TO SIXTH MAN. The return of Chris Babb means Tyrus McGee is back to his familiar 6th man role.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MARYLAND TO THE BIG TEN. Bill Connelly's got all the info you need on the move.

MARYLAND'S REPLACEMENT? Jason Kirk says the ACC should be thinking Louisville, not UConn.

THINGS THAT SCARE MACK BROWN. Iowa State Tumblr represent!

CHAMINADE ISN'T EVEN SURE THEY BEAT TEXAS. Their own website couldn't even believe the Longhorns crapped the bed so bad.

OKLAHOMA STATE LOOKING GOOD. Ranked for the first time in the Travis Ford era after defeating then number 6 NC State.

BOISE, SDSU, BYU GOING BACK TO MWC? Unhappy with the newest round of realignment, the three schools might go back to the MWC and never play in the Big East.

CALLING TYRANN MATHIEU... Iowa may be decriminalizing marijuana soon.

BIG TEN PARTY BEVERAGES. Iowa gets Busch Light, which "tastes like a mouthful of fire extinguisher foam". Not sure who's actually tasted fire extinguisher form to have that comparison ready, but it seems apropos.