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Riot Bowl Trophy Contest: Vote Now!

Choose from a variety of great submissions for our traveling Riot Bowl community trophy!

Check out all the entries, then vote for your favorite! The winner will receive some cool WRNL/TSM swag.

John Radcliff: Extra points for GIFlames!Riotjohnradcliff1_medium

Bret44: MS Paint simplicity at its finest.Riotbrett44_medium

Todd Dachshund: Todd was probably a pyro at some point in his life.

CrowdControl: This scene seems like something that you could actually see in a Wal-Mart.

The Best Micah: Hey look, it's the two wicked witches of our programs!Riotthebestmicah_medium

JC4CY: A classic golden couch design.

dubveeyou: A collage of burning things! I hope a diorama is next.Riotdubveeyou_medium

CyForPresident: Molotov cocktails are healthy for you.

Midwest Mountaineer: Hand drawn with care.

dmonClone: This urn seems like something you'd take garbage shots out of.Riotdmonclone_medium