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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/6/12

A daily collection of links on the Cyclones and sports in general.

NEW STAT FOR KIRBY? Steve Malchow wants a new stat implemented to measure just how good Kirby Van Der Kamp is.

TALKING TEXAS. Cyclone players chat about the Longhorns.

IS NIANG THE NEXT MCDERMOTT? Rob Dauster compares the Iowa State freshman to the Creighton superstar. I'd love for this comparison to be true, especially since Niang comes without Greg.

MORE MUSICIANS AT IOWA STATE. Jake McDonough produces "Comin' Thru", and Cornell Mann is also making his own rhymes.

HORNS DOWN. Mack Brown calls the horns down sign disrespectful, which make him seem whiny, but as Burnt Orange Nation writes, there is some logic behind the complaint.

PISTOL PETE IS SAD. Ames finishes off the list of things that makes Pistol Pete teary.

KLEIN'S STATUS UP IN THE AIR. Bill Snyder "hopes" Collin Klein is available for Saturday's game against TCU.

MAYBE THEY SHOULD HAVE PLAYED PREVENT... Grantland checks out AJ to TJ, Alabama's game winning play.

ATTACKS ADS TAKE OVER SPORTS. "Gene Chizik, hurting us more than Harvey Updyke ever could."

WOULD HAVE WORKED BETTER WITH DARK JERSEYS. Riley Cooper hid in the end zone for a return TD that was called back last night.

SHUTDOWN FULLBACK. The most entertaining recap of last week's game you'll find on the internet.