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Fanthropology: Why Are You An Iowa State Fan?

We all know Cy is awesome, but why are you such a dedicated ISU fan?

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Hyundai loves college football and providing vehicles for The Walking Dead. So much that they're going to send one of you and a companion to the game of your choice, with airfare and hotel (no confirmation on if you get to kill zombies though).

How do you enter? Just do what you do best - be a fan in the comments. The topic here is simple: why are you - are we - such loyal, committed fans? College football fans are the most dedicated and loyal fans there are; tell us your story, and if your comment is the best one, you'll be selected as a finalist for the contest. As a finalist, we'll talk about why we're crazy about the Cyclones, except we'll take it to the front page. And if our conversation is selected by the judges as their favorite? You're going to whatever game you want. And hopefully using your second ticket on me."

Only one entry per person will be eligible for the contest - even across the different blogs of the SBN network, and only your first comment will count. The exception to this chronological order rule is if you leave a short, responsive comment; for instance responding to another entry with "Great post" and then subsequently posts their own more extended take on the subject later. It is SBN's sole discretion as to whether any comment other than someone's earliest chronological comment can be their entry.

On Tuesday, 11/13, we'll choose one of you with whom to chat further via email, which will be published on WRNL. A panel of judges from our SBN overlords will then select a winner among the SBN blogs, and you'll be on your way to a free college football trip!

With the rules out of the way, let's start the sharing... I'll begin.

I'm an Iowa State fan because it runs deeper than just the athletics program for me. Having received my degree and spending the best years of my life partaking in things like FAC at Mickeys for quarter draws, eating Superdogs and Flying (I still won't acknowledge the name change) Burritos, being a Cyclone is more than just being a fan.

Not being a Cyclone fan in the 80s, I can't say I've seen the worst Iowa State football has had to offer, but I've certainly seen the listless Gene Chizik teams, and the time Greg McDermott tried to turn us into a subpar Missouri Valley basketball team, and still seen Cyclone fans come out and support the team in droves, while maintaining one hell of a tailgate atmosphere.

It's easy to be a fan of a winner, but to support your school when it's down isn't easy, and it builds lasting fans. I've seen how we travel and how we treat opposing fans, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Years of losing has given us a unique sense of supporting our team and players fanatically, while being able to take a step back and put it all in perspective.

The renaissance the athletic program has seen with the hirings of Fred Hoiberg and Paul Rhoads has been nothing short of spectacular, and that feeling of seeing Hilton Magic return, while Jack Trice is packed every single Saturday is something that brings joy to me, as it probably does for all of Cyclone Nation. When you see your dedication rewarded with the results we're seeing, it's hard not feel like you're part of it all, more so than being just another fan.

So, what makes you such a loyal Iowa State fan?

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