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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/10/12

UNO CRUSHED. The Cyclones destroyed UNO 93-65 last night to bring their home winning streak to 14. Georges Niang started and led all scorers with 15.

EXCITED ABOUT MEMPHIS. Steve Malchow is excited about the Liberty Bowl, and tells you why you should be too.

BOWL PRACTICE UPDATE. Courtney Messingham and Wally Burnham give us an update on how bowl practice is going.

PROPS FROM UBBEN. His All-Big 12 team features all the usual characters from Iowa State.

WHAT IN THE TUBERVILLE? Tommy Tuberville left Texas Tech for Cincinnati, and both fan bases seem to be happy. I'd like to say this is the first time since McDermott to Creighton that both school's fans liked the news, but you know,Tuberville was mildly successful at TT while McDermott.. well, you know.

TTU IN GOOD SHAPE. Ubben says that Tuberville definitely left the program better off than when he found it.

NO MORE HEISMANS, JOHNNY. Johnny Manziel won the trophy, and predictably, there's already an article about how he'll never win another in his remaining 3 years at A&M.

NO MORE BEAR KILLINGS. WVU told their mascot he can no longer use his mascot outfit while hunting black bears.

UM, NO. Barry Alvarez is a good guy and great coach, but if he really thinks Penn State was ever going to choose to leave the Big Ten because they didn't add more Northeastern schools, he's just crazy.

PACHALL'S RETURN? The former TCU QB has filed papers to return to the school. Insert joke about him smoking those papers here.

HEISMAN PROFITS! SBJ figures that Baylor made about 250 million off of RGIII's Heisman win last year.

SONNY'S FIRST DAY. Sonny Dykes' first day at Cal, on video. I wish we had video of his reaction to the Tech job being open.

WALRUSES! Everyone loves walruses, so obviously MGoBlog had to turn Big Ten coaches into them.

HOW DID BUTCH END UP AT TENNESSEE? Bruce Feldman with an interesting look at the developments surrounding Butch Jones being rumored for just about every job in America.

WORST FREE THROW EVER? Worst free throw ever.