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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/12/12: Sam Richardson Day!

Forget Aaron Rodgers/Tom Brady/Joe Namath/Jim Kelly, it's Samuel Futbol's day.

I MISS LARRY EUSTACHY. looks at the longest home court winning streaks in ISU history, led by the 39 from 1999 to 2001.

CHRISTY IS EXCITED FOR 2013. Even with a couple of seniors graduating, Christy Johnson-Lynch thinks 2013 will be even better than 2012.

BUCKING THE TREND. As Iowa State's attendance increases, overall attendance in college football is dropping.

WE'RE IN THE MONEY... As the playoff system begins, the money gap between the power conferences and "the other five gets even bigger.

DOWN TO TWO AT TECH. Kliff Kingsbury and Chad Morris are the frontrunners for the job at Texas Tech. No surprise it's two offensive coordinators.

ANOTHER COORDINATOR GONE. A day after OSU's Todd Monken left, Texas' Bryan Harsin is off to Arkansas State to replace Gus Malzahn. I suppose it is the fastest route to the SEC...

MIKE GUNDY SPEAKS OUT. The OSU coach finally talked about the speculation about other jobs, and he claims most of it simply wasn't true.

AP ALL-AMERICA. The AP released their 2012 teams, and there is an abundance of Bama, and a lack of Iowa State.

WELCOME, BIG BROTHER. Ohio State is pretty keen on keeping their players clean, forcing them to have a checking account and an assistant track their spending.

THAT BAD AT TENNESSEE? Even alum Tee Martin is saying no to coming back to be an assistant, opting to stay at USC.

GRADING THE HIRES. The SBNCFB trio sit down to dole out grades on 2012's coaching hires (so far).

TROLL ON AUBURN. Auburn fans are actually making a Notre Dame influenced Tiger shirt.

WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL BRAWL. Wheelchair basketball is serious business for fans in Europe.