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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/14/12

BEST CASE/WORST CASE. David Ubben provides his bestt case/worst case scenarios for the Big 12 bowl games. He's since edited, but the lose/lose scenario he originally had for Iowa State was just an amazing Freudian slip.

SCHLABACH DOESN'T LIKE ISU. He picks us to lose our rematch to Tulsa, 31-24.

DRAKE PREVIEW. Listen to several Cyclone players preview the matchup against the Bulldogs at Wells Fargo tomorrow.

SCORING PACE. Iowa State's 82.4 points per game so far is the highest since the Tim Floyd era.

MEEKS ENROLLING EARLY. LB recruit Alton Meeks will enroll early, and is bringing a wrestler's mentality to the Cyclones.

RECRUITING NOTES. Jake Campos and Meeks both noted Paul Rhoad's dedication to their recruitment as the reason they chose Iowa State, while it appears commits Aaron Wimberly and Ernest Suttles are taking other visits.

KLEIN/KNOTT DRAFT STOCK. Mel Kiper has both the standout ISU LBs as mid-round selections.

POACHABILITY INDEX. Frogs O' War ranks the Big 12 coaches, and they give Paul Rhoads a 65% chance of leaving for a bigger school.

LARRY FINDS A HOME. The Godfather is enjoying his new life in Colorado, and draws some parallels between himself and Bobby Petrino. Also, dare I say he looks... happy in the picture?

K-STATE'S GOT ANOTHER JUCO. The nation's #1 JUCO QB has committed to SnyderBall.

INNIE AND OUTIES! The Big Ten, where you can be segregated based on what your belly button looks like. The division names are bound to be terrible when that comes up.

TENNESSEE LOVES MSPAINT. Apparently Thujone from ShaggyBevo is the Tennessee design department, because they sure love them some MSPaint ties.

PERVY GHOSTS! Some Iowa baseball players are being haunted by a creepy ghost.

HARSIN FLEEING OR MOVING ON UP? Was Bryan Harsin's move to Arkansas State a move upwards, or him running away from Austin?

MORE MASCOTS FOR DINNER. Iowa State has already been covered, bu 82-62 of the least to most edible mascots in college football is up today.