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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/19/12

KILLING THOSE SALES. Another Liberty Bowl update from JP himself.

RICHARDSON LOOKING GOOD. Sam Richardson has looked good in bowl practice so far, especially improving his pocket presence.

ALL ABOUT SAM. tells you just about everything you'll ever want to know about Sam Richardson.

ROHACH PROGRESSION. Grant Rohach has made strides over his redshirt season and the bowl game practices have helped even more.

SURPASSING THE BUDGET. Despite the smallest athletic budget in the Big 12, Iowa State is placing about 6th in overall performance.

LIBERTY BOWL PREVIEW. Ubben takes a closer look at the Liberty Bowl. Don't worry, he doesn't pick a winner.

25 YEARS AGO TODAY... Lafester Rhodes. 54 points. Iowa.

MORE POINTS IN THE FUTURE? Despite sitting at 7th in the country in points per game, Cyclone players think there's potential for many more points.

A SEASON IN REVIEW. A look back at the successful 2012 season for Iowa State volleyball.

GARY ANDERSON TO WISCONSIN. Paul Rhoads has already declined to interview, but Wisconsin hiring the Utah State head coach should end speculation for Rhoads leaving this offseason.

TUBERVILLE GETS PARODIED. Tommy Tuberville gets the infamous Taiwanese TV treatment for leaving Red Raider recruits in the middle of dinner.

T-SHIRT WARS. Notre Dame vs. Alabama: T-shirt form.

HENDERSON THROWS DOWN. Charlotte's Gerald Henderson had probably the dunk of the year so far on Dwight Howard and the Lakers.