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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/21/12

RECORD CROWDS HELP. The record shattering attendance at Jack Trice year has helped the profile of the football program. As usual, overemphasizes the prestige of the Liberty Bowl, but the sentiment is appreciated nonetheless.

BLIZZARD'S AFFECTING EVERYONE. Many Cyclone players are hopeful that the roads will clear up in time for them to see their families before traveling to the bowl game.

LUCIOUS ON COUSY WATCH LIST. Korie is on the watchlist as one of the nation's best point guards... and in a fitting tribute, the article features him throwing a (probably unnecessary) no-look pass.

BIG 12 FACTS. Interesting facts about the Big 12 this season, including the fact our 3 road wins is the first time we've had 3 since 2001.

KABONGO APPEAL. Texas has already filed an appeal for Myck Kabongo's season-long suspension, and it's being expedited, so he may be back as soon as Friday.

FOOTBALL PLAYERS TALK CLASSES. ESPN interviewed athletes about their favorite classes, and while Kenjon Barner and Jarvis Jones prefer the skewed girl to guy ratios, Dee Milliner likes Math 100 for some reason.

STEROIDS IN CFB? This AP report suggests that steroid use is widespread across the nation.

THE WORST GAMES OF 2012. Next time you feel terrible watching a 9-6 Iowa State - Iowa game, just remember, it could always be worse.

KLIFF PART TWO. The second part of David Ubben's interview with the new Texas Tech coach.

DEZ TALKS. Apparently a broken finger is like truth serum, because Dez Bryant is finally talking about the NCAA's decision to suspend him in 2009.