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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/26/12

And... we're back!

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THEY CALL HIM PIG. Durren Givens, the nation's leading takeaway artist, is featured in's senior salute.

HOLIDAY COMMIT. Florida DB Brisly Estime is the newest and perhaps best named commitment of the 2013 class.

FOURTY YEARS LATER. The failed 2 point conversion in the 1972 Liberty Bowl is still fresh on the mind of George Amundson. As an added bonus, the article reminds us of the Cyclones snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by missing a game winning extra point against Nebraska that year.

AN ACTUAL CHRISTMAS! Cyclone men's basketball players are really enjoying their unusually long winter break.

FUN TIMES IN MEMPHIS. Bowl preparation is priority number one, but Brett Bueker and Ernst Brun battled for who gets to shoot threes at halftime of a Grizzlies game, Ethan Tuftee is partaking in a rib-eating contest, while Josh Lenz wants to hit up a rodeo.

HEALTHY-ISH. The extra rehab time for Durrell Givens and Jansen Watson has the ISU defense hopeful they can return to early season form.

LACHE'S TALKING BIG. A Heisman in 2013 is Seastrunk's newest sort of guarantee.

POOR GAMBLE. A look at how miscalculated greed cost the Big East dearly in the new era of TV deals and conference realignment.

JAKE GETS A HUG FROM UBBEN. If only hugs from hated Big 12 bloggers could heal shoulders.


TWEETS OF THE YEAR. The weird and funny tweets of the year from the sports world.

THINGS WE GOT STUCK IN OUR BODIES THIS YEAR. Deadspin went through the various things people shoved up various parts of our bodies. I have no idea why I'm linking this.