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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/27/12

THE NEXT STEP. Chris Williams writes that a Liberty Bowl win is crucial for Iowa State to progress the program along.

BROTHER FROM ANOTHER CONFERENCE? Paul Rhoads and Bill Blankenship, Iowa State and Tulsa, more similar than you'd think.

DAY ONE PRACTICE. A report on how the team is doing on their first day in Memphis, including the fact they had an outdoor practice in the snow.

PALM STILL HATES US. Jerry's going Tulsa all the way. The CBS experts are split down the middle overall.

PISTOL2THENFL. A great SBNation longform read on how the pistol offense is making its way into the NFL.

RELEGATION 2012. In a Eurosoccercollegefootball world, Kansas is going down, and our BFF Tulsa is coming to join the Big 12.

LANE KIFFIN IN A SOMBRERO. USC was 90 minutes late for their Sun Bowl dinner, so Georgia Tech left. Lane Kiffin was late because he was buying a sombrero.

IRISH STILL AT IT. First it was Catholics vs. Cousins, now it's Golden Domers vs. Mobile Homers.

ARIZONA'S BACK. Sean Miller has the Wildcats back among college basketball's elite.

OH, SO JUST LIKE CRIST? Charlie Weis is hoping Jake Heaps is the savior of Kansas football.

#INSTAGRAMPROBLEMS. Kyrie Irving tweeted out a pic of him with some questionable women, then went on (poor) damage control.

U MAD SCOTT? After Lomas Brown admitted he purposely blew a block that left his QB injured, Scott Mitchell is quite angry.