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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/3/12

HUGE COMMITMENT. West Des Moines Valley OL Jake Campos switched his commitment from Mizzou to Iowa State over the weekend. Campos is the #1 Rivals ranked recruit in the state of Iowa, the 22nd ranked OL in the country, and boasts offers from Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, Purdue, Oklahoma, and Vanderbilt in addition to Mizzou.

PLAYER REACTION TO LIBERTY BOWL. A.J. Klein, Jake Knott, Josh Lenz and Brett Bueker talk about spending New Years' in Memphis.

OFF TO THE SWEET SIXTEEN. The volleyball team will be taking on Stanford after defeating UNC in five sets.

SHUTDOWN BABB. Chris Babb was able to do what few this year have been able to do: contain BYU's Tyler Haws.

DOMINATED BY IOWA. Wrestling has seemingly hit a new low, getting demolished by Iowa 32-3.

BOB STOOPS IS A HYPOCRITE. Last year, he was all about one "true" champion, this year he's claiming himself a Big 12 championship, even though they lost to KSU head to head.

RANKING THE BOWLS. Liberty Bowl checks in at #22 in Graham Watson's bowl rankings.

FULL BOWL MATCHUPS. Times, dates, TV coverage.

DAMN IT BVDV. Louisiana Tech screwed the pooch on their bowl bid, and now Karl Malone is angry at former ISU AD Bruce Van De Velde.

DON'T BLAME NORTHERN ILLINOIS. Sure, they lost to Iowa and had the 127th(!) ranked SoS, but it's Wisconsin and Louisville's faults for being terrible. Also, get used to this sort of thing in the future, with the highest ranked non-BCS champ getting a playoff bid.

NO COACH THOUGH. Dave Doeren will not be coaching NIU in their bowl game after accepting the job at NC State.

SAD STORY. Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend, then killed himself in front of Chiefs' coaching staff Saturday morning. The details of the story are completely messed up.

THIS IS WHAT WE AVOIDED. Shreveport, a 2007 report by Spencer Hall.

NEBRASKA GOT WORKED... But this Taylor Martinez run was pretty awesome.

AND THEN THERE'S LACHE SEASTRUNK. Pulls hamstring, still beats OSU defenders on his way to a 76 yard TD run.

A REMINDER OF TULSA. Cody Green, everyone!

(h/t ISUAgronomist)