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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/4/12

KNOTT AND KLEIN FIRST TEAM BIG 12. CBS Sports named both ISU LBs to their All Big 12 team. Kirby Van Der Kamp was left off in favor of the multi-talented Quinn Sharp.

REMATCHES ARE COOL! Steve Malchow writes that rematches are becoming commonplace in college football.

LET'S TALK STANFORD. The volleyball players talk about playing Stanford in the Sweet Sixteen.

FLORIDA GULF COAST PREVIEW. has your vitals for tonight's men's basketball game.

ERIC MCKNIGHT RETURNS. The former Cyclone is a familiar face returning to Hilton Coliseum tonight.

MORE LA TECH DRAMA. Bruce Van De Velde is now accusing the Liberty Bowl of going back on its word to the school.

SOME TRUTH TO IT? The Liberty Bowl explained that they passed over Louisiana Tech, among others, because they wanted Iowa State in hopes of eventually making their bowl a BCS conference matchup.

MIKE GUNDY TO TENNESSEE? After weeks of Arkansas rumors, now Mike Gundy is heavily linked to Tennessee. No guarantee he's SEC bound, but this is a warning shot to fans who assume a hometown guy will stay at a school forever.

CHARLIE STRONG NOT DENYING ANYTHING. The Louisville coach had a press conference, but it wasn't to deny any interest in leaving.

MUST BE THAT POT MONEY. Colorado is making a big offer to Cincy's Butch Jones, who reportedly already has an offer from Purdue.

BAD WEEK FOR MIZZOU. Jake Campos left them for ISU, and now OC David Yost is resigning.

POLL UNNEEDED. I don't think we need a poll to find out how people feel about OU and their "conference championship."

WTF VT. Two Virginia Tech players were arrested for setting off an explosive device.