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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/5/12: Let's Spin The Coaching Carousel!

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ANOTHER 70 POINTS, ANOTHER WIN. The Cyclones have scored more than 70 in its first 8 games, the latest being an 83-72 win over surprisingly decent Florida Gulf Coast team. Former Cyclone Eric McKnight finished with 3 points and 5 turnovers in 24 minutes.

TICKET SALES GOING WELL. In just 2 days, Iowa State has already sold half its 10,000 ticket allotment for the Liberty Bowl.

MORE IOWA STATE/LA TECH. Bryce Miller gets additional details about the ISU/LaTech fiasco, with more BVDV idiocy, and also some complimentary quotes about Cyclone fans.

WALLY TO FSU? There's some smoke about Wally Burnham going to Florida State to take the open DC job left by Mark Stoops' departure to Kentucky.

TULSA IN DISARRAY. It may be a rematch with Tulsa, but AD Ross Parmley is gone after getting fired for lying about his gambling problems.

BOWL SWAG! Sports Business Journal has the gifts every bowl participant gets, and the Liberty Bowl is chock full of Nike.

NCAA FB REPORT CARDS. Paul Myerberg gives every team a grade, and Iowa State's season earns them a B+.

BIELEMA TO ARKANSAS. The surprise of the day was Bret Bielema leaving his post at Wisconsin to accept a meager 700K raise at Arkansas and after denouncing Urban Meyer's SEC-ish recruiting tactics last year, is now entering the madness of the SEC. Bucky's Fifth Quarter looks at why he left and the future at Wisconsin. Dan Wolken writes that Bielema was smart to leave before he was unable to meet the unreasonably high expectations that he's set for Wisconsin fans (i.e. Kirk Ferentz). This point is proven by Madison writer Paul Fanlund's article that Bielema's exit is welcome news for many UW fans.

MALZAHN TO AUBURN. Gus is heading back to Auburn as the head coach (in title this time). Some have said Gus is too nice and meek to change Auburn, but Kevin Scarbinsky argues otherwise. Personally, I like the choice and he's certainly much easier to root for/not root against than Gene Chizik.

GUNDY TO EVERYWHERE. Writers from the same Arkansas newspaper couldn't even agree if Mike Gundy had taken the Razorbacks' opening yesterday. Obviously, the job ended up going to Bret Bielema, but Gundy's name is still in the thick of the Tennessee talk. Why would a guy leave a good job, not to mention his alma mater? The Pistols Firing staff discuss how the tension between Mike (Holder) and Mike (Gundy) is likely the main cause.

HAZELL TO PURDUE. The Boilermakers have hired Kent State's Darrell Hazell.

STRONG TO LOUISVILLE? Charlie Strong and Mike Gundy have been candidate 1A and 1B for the Volunteer job, but Louisville insiders seem to be getting the idea he's not leaving.

ENTER LARRY FEDORA? The UNC coach is making his own bid to join the Gundy/Strong UT fray.

WILLIE TAGGART. The respected Western Kentucky coach has interviewed for the USF and Wisconsin jobs.

PAUL CHRYST IS "COMMITTED TO PITT." After the Wisconsin job became available (where Chryst grew up, played, and coached at), Pitt issued a press release. The statement is still plenty vague for him to be moving to Madison by the weekend without lying.

THE ALWAYS HUMBLE COLLIN KLEIN. Teammates wanted Klein to strike a Heisman pose against Texas, but he refused, calling it a "team award."

BILL SNYDER BIG 12 COTY. I know this is shocking, but the Wizard was voted the Big 12 Coach Of The Year by the AP.

THE PRICE OF VICTORY. KU paid Charlie Weis 2.5 million per win. Go ahead and digest that like Weis digests Hostess products.

WHAT ABOUT THE BANDS? The spread has sped up college football, and bands have to adjust too.

PELICANS? The New Orleans Hornets are changing their name to the Pelicans. If there isn't a gaudy minor league baseball type logo coming, I'll be quite disappointed.

THIS IS SO WVU. The real live Mountaineer shot a real live bear and put it on YouTube.