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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/6/12

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OUR FIELD > YOUR FIELD. Jack Trice Stadium won the Field Of The Year award.

SO MUCH FOR A SMALL BUDGET. Iowa State was 5th in the Big 12 in revenue and 4th in profit in 2011. You have to imagine we're even higher this year.

NOSTALGIA. Rick Brown of the DMR looks at the game that turned Iowa-ISU basketball into a real rivalry.

HOIBERG PREVIEWS IOWA. Who better to get your preview from than Mr. Dreamy himself?

QUIET PRODUCTION. Did you know Melvin Ejim is the Big 12's active leader in double-doubles?

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT. Cyclones.TV will be shown on Mediacom. The bad news: No HD.

ARE WE REALLY PLAYING FASTER? Travis Hines investigates Fred Hoiberg's claim and decides it's definitely true.

ELITE VB? The Cyclones are closing in on becoming one of the nation's premier teams.

STRONG STAYING PUT. Charlie Strong has decided to stay at Louisville, declaring his loyalty to the Cardinals. A breath of fresh air in the college coaching landscape.

WHAT NOW FOR TENNESSEE? The Vols were humbled as candidate after candidate reject them.

SONNY DYKES TO CAL. The Louisiana Tech coach is peacing out on Bruce Van De Velde, taking his #1 offense to California. I fully expect BVDV to botch this coaching search as bad as he did the bowl situation.

BUTCH JONES TO COLORADO. Or maybe not. Conflicting reports are so 2012.

AUBURN DO OVER. By hiring Gus Malzahn, Auburn is basically admitting that he was the real reason for their 2010 BCS National Championship.

WOOOOOOOOOO PIG BRET. Bret Bielema was announced as the new Arkansas coach, and he had to do the calling of the hogs on stage. Bielema also addressed some of his past comments on the SEC, and basically admitted he was pandering.

BIG TEN FADING? Bielema's departure indicates a fading Big Ten, says Dan Wetzel.

FOOTBALL SCOOP VS. COACHING SEARCH. You may have used either site to follow coaching moves, but did you know they're brothers?

BARRY ALVAREZ RETURNING? It's certainly a possibility, and Bret Bielema thinks it's likely.