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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/7/12

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SO UH, WE KINDA TRAVEL WELL. Seeing stuff like this makes you wonder how teams ever fail to sell out their BCS ticket allotment.

RALLY FALLS SHORT. The Iowa State WBB team made it close after a horrific start against Iowa, but ultimately fell 50-42.

VOLLEYBALL'S ON TONIGHT! The ladies go up against Stanford at 9 PM on ESPN3.

FRAN AND FRED. How McCaffery and Hoiberg brought relevancy back to the Iowa State-Iowa rivalry.

FAMILIARITY MEANS NOTHING. Knowing Tulsa from earlier this season doesn't mean the Cyclones will know everything about them.

FUN FACTS ON IOWA-IOWA STATE. as usual, Kirk Haaland has some fun facts for you.

SETTLING ON BUTCH. Tennessee finally has its man, and it's Cincinatti head coach Butch Jones. For their 2nd 3rd 5th option, they didn't do all that bad. I'm sad because I was really going for Deke Brackett.

NATE BOYER, AMERICAN HERO. Texas' Nate Boyer won the Disney Spirit award, and he's extremely deserving.

ACC SOLIDARITY? The ACC presidents issued a pledge of commitment yesterday, but Dan Wolken says it's all just empty words.

MANTI CLEANS UP. Te'o was the big winner at the college football awards show last night.

THANKS, GENE SMITH! Alabama and NIU are the benefactors of Gene Smith's inexplicable decision to not take a bowl ban for Ohio State last year.

DON'T HATE ON PELICANS. A lot of people have been hating on New Orlean's new name, but pelicans are actually awesome.