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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/10/12

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SOME HAALAND OVERLOAD FOR YOU. Occasional WRNL contributor Kirk Haaland with a preview of tomorrow's tilt with Texas A&M and also a look at the Cyclones' odds of making the NCAA tournament (chock full of stats, of course).

SPRING GAME ANNOUNCED. Cy's House of Trivia and the Spring Football Game will both be Saturday, April 14th.

SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: THE BIG TEN IS EVEN PROPOSING PLAYOFFS. 4 teams, with the lower seed traveling to the higher seed.

MORE LARRY! Seth Davis interviews Coach Eustachy on his life since Iowa State, and he remains humble and classy: "Since my situation happened, a lot of things have happened where guys have kept their jobs after they did something a little worse than what I did, but I'm not resentful at all," he said. "If all that stuff didn't happen at Iowa State, I would not have had the eight great years I've had here. I would still be the same egotistic idiot I was. Now I see things through a different pair of glasses, I really do. I'm at peace."

NOT THAT YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW THIS... but we're totally less racist than the rest of the Big 12! has a feature on Iowa State's third African-American player, Harold Potts, who said the following about Missouri: "They treated us noticeably different," Potts said. "I didn't have a lot of animosity about it but I didn't like it. I liked Iowa a lot more than I liked Missouri because of incidents of that nature."

HEY BUBU! Everyone's favorite former Ames High point guard has his cast off and is scheduled to return for the Cyclones on February 18th.

AT LEAST WE KNOW THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT ISN'T GIVING AWAY IPODS? Reserve defensive back Matthew Thomas has been charged with the theft of an iPod off a dining center table and is suspended indefinitely. Ter'Ran Benton isn't buying what Ames PD is selling, however.