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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/13/12

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AGGIE TEARS. Texas A&M did their best to replicate a high school team, getting demolished by the Cyclones, 69-46, as the student section trolled away with the help of our friends over at Prevail & Ride. Steve Malchow points out that while Royce and 3 point shooting have been getting much of the credit, defense has been key to ISU's recent success.

CHRIS ALLEN IS THE BIG 12 ROOKIE OF THE WEEK. His monster games against Oklahoma State and Texas A&M made him the 4th Cyclone to be named Big 12 Rookie of the Week this year.

NOT ALL GOES WELL IN TEXAS as the ladies went down to Texas Tech 51-41, helped along by a season-low 27.1 percent shooting performance.

BRACKETOLOGY. Iowa State still rocking a 10 seed in SB Nation's bracketology.

CATCHING UP WITH DEDRIC. Former Cyclone great Dedric Willoughby is back at Iowa State finishing up his degree, and offers some high praise for this year's team: "Individually, this is the most talented team Iowa State has ever put on the basketball court, it’s far more talented than we ever were."

CHECKING IN WITH NIANG. Georges visited with Chris WIlliams of Cyclone Fanatic about this year and the future.

WILL THERE EVER BE A BIG 12 SCHEDULE? First it was Friday, now pushed back to today. I'm just going to assume TCU = A&M and West Virginia = Mizzou and call it good.

BURGASON DISMISSED. Ames native and the nation's leading 3 point shooter Jordan Burgason was kicked out of Lipscomb for "violating team rules". Lipscomb is a highly religious school and rumors are swirling the suspension is very Brandon Davies-esque in nature.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BREAK CY'S ARM. UConn will be banned from NCAA basketball postseason play in 2013 for a low APR.

MORE AGGIE TEARS. A&M may be less enthusiastic with their move to the SEC as conference rules mandate that they move part of their student section.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL RULES AND PENALTIES CHANGES. Rules changes to do mostly with kickoffs and touchbacks, while the NCAA is also seeking to impose harsher penalties for infractions.