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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/14/12

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BEAR DOWN. Baylor dunked all over Iowa State last night, shooting 60 percent from the field in a 79-64 win. Fred Hoiberg did not mince words, calling the overall effort "pathetic".

FREEDOM! West Virginia and the Big East part ways effective June 30, 2012. The Big 12 will send a 5 million dollar Valentines Day gift and 5 million dollar loan to WVU to help pay for the 20 million dollar buyout with the Big East, clearing the way for the Big 12 schedule to be released at 11 AM today. Maybe.

"NOTHING WRONG WITH ME THAT A LITTLE GREY GOOSE WON'T CURE." - Dan McCarney, after suffering a stroke. Our former coaches just love themselves that booze. Get well soon, Coach Mac.

TROLL FOR HIRE! The NCAA seriously hired an ex-journalist to troll other journalists who write mean things about the NCAA.

NEVIN SHAPIRO IS ANGRY. He's still threatening the Miami football program... from jail.

UNEMPLOYED WITH ENLARGED PENIS. ex Memphis player Roburt Sallie was cut from his Spanish basketball team for taking penis enlargement pills.