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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/16/12


PAUL RHOADS ON TROY DOUGLAS. From the official release: "Troy possesses a dynamic background after years of coaching the secondary at the BCS level," Rhoads said. "His experience recruiting the state of Florida is important to our program. He coached with (Iowa State defensive coordinator) Wally Burnham at South Florida, so he came highly recommended."

CHRIS ALLEN GETS DEEP. CA talks about life before and after Iowa State: "I feel like it’s a learning experience," he said about the last two years of his collegiate career. "I feel like life is going to put a lot of adversity in your way. Either you fold under the adversity or you can build on it. And that’s what I’ve just been trying to do.

THE OTHER THINGS THAT WIN GAMES. Kirk Haaland looks at which players in the Big 12 do "the other things" to make a team successful. Royce White checks in at #4, while Chris Babb and Melvin Ejim both make the Top 25 at #16 and #21, respectively.

DEFENSE WINS GAMES? Iowa State has improved their points allowed average by 14.7 points from last year, 2nd best in Big 12 history.

FIFTH PLACE! Iowa State continued its march up the Big 12 standings, beating Kansas 66-47. The Cyclones are now in a tie with KU for fifth, thanks in part to another double double from Chelsea Poppens, who is garnering some national attention lately.

TCU FALLOUT. After the 4 players were named and Tanner Brock and Devin Johnson were quoted as saying that as many as 82 players had failed a surprise drug test ordered by Gary Patterson, In The Bleachers comments on drug testing and what will probably happen to the 4.

EFFING HAMPTON. They will haunt Jamaal Tinsley's dreams forever, but this dunk is pretty awesome.