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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/2/12

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MIDWEEK BRACKETS. Iowa State is up to an 11 seed in Jerry Palm's Bracket on CBS Sports. 6-11 upset anyone?

A TALL CB? THOSE EXIST? A major focus of the 2012 class was to replace outgoing defensive backs Leonard Johnson and Ter'ran Benton. Clifford Stokes brings one dimension that LJ and TB didn't have: height.

HOW DID WE GET THOSE RECRUITS? Awesome story by Bobby LaGesse on how the Texas Tech and Oklahoma State wins solidified our standing with several notable recruits. Paul Rhoads on Damein Lawry: "Damein was on a trip to Lubbock, Texas, to take in the Texas Tech Red Raiders because he sort of liked their brand of football," Rhoads said. "He left Lubbock, Texas, liking the Cyclone brand of football."

I STILL LOVE YOU, LARRY. The Godfather of WRNL is sitting on top of Conference USA right now and I (and Gary Parrish) couldn't be happier for him.

AN OUTSIDER'S VIEW OF HILTON MAGIC. Check out this recap of the KSU game from a guy who's traveling to 26 games over the span of a month.

ET TU, BARKLEY? Hill talks about why he switched from Iowa State to Iowa. Nothing too earth shattering here.

EH3! There's a rumor floating around that Ellis Hobbs III is the Cyclones' new DB coach. He apparently won't deny it when asked, either.