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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/20/12

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OKLAHOMA DOUBLE. The Cyclones registered 11 threes in an 80-69 win in the men's game, while the women followed it up with a 77-71 win over the Sooners. Royce White finishes with a grand total of 7 points in the two victories over Oklahoma, a trend that is proving that the Cyclones are a very well balanced team.

MELVIN APOLOGIZES. Video of Ejim's apology after his ejection for a double forearm screen set on Oklahoma's Carl Blair.

ROYCE = AMAZING. Very well written article about Royce White and his changing goals both on and off the basketball court. If he was ever a "thug", as some had suggested upon his arrival at Iowa State, it's certainly hard to see it now.

BIG 12 TOURNEY BRACKET GENERATOR. Want to see how the Big 12 tournament will play out? Enter your results for the remaining games and get a bracket. Very nicely done.

ANOTHER ARREST. Durrell Givens has been suspended indefinitely from the team after being arrested for possessions of a controlled substance.

HOLY CRAP WE'RE GETTING OLD. David Robinson's son gets an offer from Notre Dame, and Fred Taylor's son Kelvin has just commited to his father's alma mater, Florida.

DICKIE V DANCING. Just because.