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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/21/12

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WARNING: LEGGY FRED HOIBERG PIC WITHIN. Steve Malchow discusses how Fred Hoiberg's experience with 3 very different NBA teams helped prepare him for coaching Iowa State.

BABBTACULAR DEFENSE. Chris Williams talks about the defensive effort Chris Babb has put into shutting down the opposing teams' best perimeter players every night this season.

IT'S THE NEW BUDDY COP SERIES: Lucious and Clyburn, transfers from another mother.

ROYCE VIDEO. White on what people think of him, his son, and his future in basketball... or politics?

EJIM's IN. Rumors of a possible suspension and a shoulder injury won't stop Melvin from suiting up tomorrow against Texas Tech.

BRACKETOLOGY UPDATE. ESPN has Iowa State as a 9 seed against Saint Louis, while SB Nation has ISU as a 9 seed against Vanderbilt.

LOOKS LIKE THAT GREY GOOSE PRESCRIPTION WORKED. Dan McCarney is out of the hospital, still recovering from his stroke.

BARNES/DREW DERP OFF! Scott Drew tried his hardest to blow the game, but smartly wasted all of his timeouts before 2 minutes left so he couldn't screw his team at the end. This led to Rick Barnes' team blowing their halftime lead, and possibly their NCAA tournament hopes.