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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/23/12

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FREE CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST AND ROYCE - The Royce White Anxiety story has officially found it's way into USA Today, which means that it's pretty much the same story you've already read on ESPN and in the Register, but written at an 8th grade reading level. (And delivered straight to your hotel room door.)

TWENTY! - Last night had the potential to be a real trap game, and for at least one half Texas Tech looked like the better team. Not sure what Fred said in the locker room, but it seemed to work. ISU came out and dominated the second half, turning a 4 point halftime deficit into an 18 point victory. Particularly noteworthy is this little nugget:

Iowa State held the Red Raiders (8-19, 1-14) without a field goal for the final 7:58.

THE HORIZONTAL OFFENSE - Continuing their trend of hiring OC's to act as criticism lighning rods, Iowa looks like they're actually going to go through with hiring Greg Davis. Yes, the same Greg Davis who managed all of 7 points in three quarters when we beat Texas back in 2010. As usual, BHGP has a breakdown of the reasons this makes sense, but the consensus seems to be that he'll be Ken O'Keefe 2.0 - Now with ALL OF THE SCREEN PASSES!

SHOOTER BE FLOPPIN: Shortly after this daytime Emmy-winning sequence, Luke Adams was offered a spot on the 2014 Italian World Cup Soccer Team. (H/T to @Bubbaprog)