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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/24/12

FRIDAY HAALAND. A preview of Iowa State - Kansas State, and an analysis of Royce White's role in the Iowa State offense. Great stuff, though a little sketchy on the racist headline there, Kirk.

RPI BOOST FOR US! The most perplexing basketball team in the country has somehow managed to sweep Wisconsin this year. It was of course, helped in part by the students that went for the free admission, pizza, and handjobs (Pretty sure I'm correct on the first, 50% sure on the second, probably not on the third).

HANDCUFFED, THE BIG 12 STORY. Allen Kenney gives us a sneak peek at the Big 12's promotional campaign, complete with Paul Rhoads!

BECAUSE NOBODY'S TIRED OF EXPANSION YET, there's more rumors of BYU pushing hard for Big 12 membership and Chuck Neinas on some expansion topics.

COMBINE STALKING. For those who are into watching college dudes do feats of strength in tight clothing, LJ and KO's combine schedule.

WAIT, MAYBE GREG DAVIS WAS A GOOD HIRE AFTER ALL! GDGD, Spoken Word Poet, in all his glory.