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Big 12 Outlook for Feb. 27 - Mar. 4

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Another crazy week in the Big 12. With just two games left, seeds 1-9 are still technically up in the air for the Big 12 tournament, but things are finally starting to play out. Kansas' epic win over Missouri in the Border War finale all but assures the Jayhawks of a one seed in the Big 12 tournament, provided they don't lose out and Missouri doesn't win out. To that end, the fight for the second seed now includes Baylor and Iowa State. Iowa State can't fall any farther than fourth after their win at Kansas State, while Texas Tech has an iron lock on the tenth seed. It's going to be a fun week as the conference tournament picture takes shape, and Iowa State, Kansas State and Texas all work on their NCAA resumes.

Big 12 Conference Standings

Conf Overall
Kansas Jayhawks 14 2 24 5
Missouri Tigers 12 4 25 4
Baylor Bears 11 5 24 5
Iowa St. Cyclones 11 5 21 8
Kansas St. Wildcats 8 8 19 9
Texas Longhorns 8 8 18 11
Oklahoma St. Cowboys 7 9 14 15
Texas A&M Aggies 4 12 13 15
Oklahoma Sooners 4 12 14 14
Texas Tech Red Raiders 1 15 8 20

Monday, February 27

Kansas @ Oklahoma State (ESPN) 8 PM

Texas Tech @ Baylor (ESPNU) 8 PM

Tuesday, February 28

Kansas State @ Texas A&M (ESPN2) 6 PM

Wednesday, February 29

Iowa State @ Missouri (Big 12 Network) 7 PM

Oklahoma @ Texas (ESPN2) 8 PM

Saturday, March 3

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (Big 12 Network) 12:30 PM

Missouri @ Texas Tech (Big 12 Network) 3 PM

Texas A&M @ Oklahoma (Big 12 Network) 3 PM

Baylor @ Iowa State (Cyclone Television Network) 6 PM

Texas @ Kansas (ESPN) 8 PM

Bonus Big 12 Games

DePaul @ West Virginia (Big East Network) 6 PM - February 28

TCU @ Wyoming (mtn.) 8:30 PM - February 28

West Virginia @ South Florida (Big East Network) 11 AM - March 3

San Diego State @ TCU (mtn.) 6 PM - March 3

  • Unless you expect Kansas to lose twice this week (@OSU and vs. Texas) and Mizzou to win out (vs. ISU, @ Tech), then the Jayhawks will be Big 12 champions and the #1 seed. Better them than those that are leaving, I guess. I'd still prefer to have the Jayhawks on our side of the bracket in KC, but whatever.
  • It's become more interesting behind Missouri. Both Baylor and Iowa State lurk just behind the Tigers. Obviously, Mizzou has the inside track to the two seed, but if Iowa State can pull off the upset, it would be a three way tie for second going into Saturday.
  • It was great to see Iowa State take care of business in Manhattan. For all intents and purposes, this week does nothing but build a resume. A road loss to Missouri and a home loss to Baylor will not move the needle at all. Any win will help seeding. The win over Kansas State relieves some pressure on Iowa State. However, the Cyclones are certainly capable of beating both Missouri and Baylor, and it will be fun to see them try to be "chopping off heads". No matter what happens, the game at Hilton against Baylor will likely have an impact on the three seed.
  • Kansas State was considered a lock before their home loss to Iowa State. There's no reason to change that mindset unless they choke this week, and even then, they'd still be on the bubble. They're more than likely a lock as the five seed.
  • Texas. Oh boy. The Longhorns survived Texas Tech, but have another dicey week ahead of them. They should be expected to win their game against Oklahoma (you'd think) but then they go off to Kansas. A 1-1 week still leaves them on the bubble. They're likely the six seed.
  • The most optimistic Oklahoma State fans have to be encouraged by their finish. It's not crazy to think they could win both these games (ok, maybe) or possibly pull an upset (only borderline delusional) but they'll likely be a problem for whoever the two seed is in the Big 12 tournament.
  • Oklahoma and Texas A&M are likely playing for the eight seed on Saturday. And they'll likely face each other again in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament. So, there's familiarity there, I guess.
  • Texas Tech finishes with Baylor and Missouri. This can't be good for keeping Gillispie away from the booze.

Top 5 Big 12 Games of the Week

  1. Baylor @ Iowa State
  2. Iowa State @ Missouri
  3. Texas @ Kansas
  4. Kansas @ Oklahoma State
  5. Oklahoma State @ Kansas State

Iowa State's two games this week really should be the best matchups involving Big 12 teams this week, but it'll be interesting to see the fire that Texas brings into Allen Fieldhouse. Oklahoma State certainly can spoil seeding hopes for Kansas and Kansas State. Should set up for a fun Big 12 Tournament.