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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/27/12


BRACKETOLOGY. On the strength of Scotty Christopherson hitting anything and everything in a road win at Kansas State, the Cyclones are moving on up to an 8 seed on SB Nation and ESPN.

AND RANKED? Nothing in the official polls, but CBS Sports has Iowa State at #24 in the country, while ISU is sitting at a 31 RPI now.

THREEPEAT. Royce White has claimed Big 12 Rookie of The Week honors for the third time this season.

NOT ALL IS GOOD IN CYCLONE BB LAND. As the ladies fell to Oklahoma State 71-63.

THANKS, EXPANSION! No more Mizzou-KU games, which once again, ended in spectacular fashion.

PAUL RHOADS WILL NOW ONSIDE EVERY KICKOFF. The NCAA is changing kickoffs to the 35 and touchbacks will come out to the 25 instead of the 20.

DUNK CONTEST. Of course none of us watched, but this two ball dunk from Jeremy Evans actually didn't suck.

RICH EISEN VS. RG3 VS. CAM NEWTON. With a 10 yard head start, Rich puts up a valiant effort against RG3's 4.41 and Cam Newton's 4.59.