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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/28/12


STILL UNRANKED. Iowa State is now the 2nd leading vote getter among "others receiving votes" in the AP Poll. Last time I checked though, any team that makes the tourney has an equal chance to win the championship, so this shouldn't be all that concerning to Cyclone fans.

CATCHING UP WITH LJ. Dan Tracy catches up with Leonard Johnson at the combine. Love the fact that Leonard stayed in Ames to finish his degree instead of going to a training facility. Speaking of Leonard, he is partaking in DB drills this morning and clocked in at an unimpressive 4.65 and 4.75 in the 40 yard dash.

NUMBER CHANGES. New numbers are in for Iowa State, and most notable is Jared Barnett switching from #16 to #7.

THE MORE YOU KNOW. Former NBC head Dick Ebersol is a rumored candidate for Big 12 Commissioner (Check out the Holgerson-esque hair.. it's a natural fit). Clearly this means NBC will buy first tier rights in the Big 12 and Notre Dame will join ASAP.

DEFENSE IS NOT A PROBLEM. Some critics have recently said that Iowa State's poor defense will be their downfall in the NCAA tournament, but Kirk Haaland takes a look and the numbers and dispels that notion.

YOU JUST CAN"T KILL MAC. Dan McCarney, all around nice guy and badass.

ZERO. That's the final number of Big 12 football and basketball championships won by Mizzou, as Kansas clinched the regular season Big 12 basketball title with a victory over Oklahoma State... not that this makes anyone hate KU any less.

IF ONLY THERE WAS A DUMPSTER IN THERE. I'm no NASCAR fan, but anytime an out of control car smashes into a truck carrying jet fuel, you have to pay attention. So check out video of the crash and some animated GIFs of the resulting scene.