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Well then.....this game has a little different significance than we expected a few games back. Mizzou can no longer go after that Big 12 title. Iowa State shouldn't really be considered as a bubble team anymore. But the standings have set up so that Iowa State is playing to tie Baylor and Missouri in second place in the Big 12. More than that, a win in Iowa State's final trip to Mizzou Arena makes the Cyclones a definite lock for the NCAA tournament and works to improve seeding. This game will be no easy task, but we'll see how Iowa State responds to one of its biggest wins of the year, while we see how Missouri recovers from blowing the game of the year against Kansas. It'd be a lot of fun to send Missouri off to the SEC with a loss from ISU. It'll take one of Iowa State's most complete games of the year, but we've found out that Fred Hoiberg can coach a little.