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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/29/12


THE LAST TIME WE EVER PLAY MIZZOU (MAYBE). Previews from Kirk Haaland and Chris Williams of the Cyclones' game down in the heart of SEC country tonight.

THE PASTEY ASSASSIN GETS HIS DUE. AP Writer Luke Meredith with a fantastic look at Scott Christopherson's journey. To me, Scotty embodies everything right about college athletics... evolving from Lucca Staigger's backup in the Greg McDermott house of horrors, to being a dead-eye shooter last year, and now a leader and all around player. Nobody deserves to end his career with an NCAA tournament more than he does.

JERRY PALM SORT OF LIKES US AGAIN? We've been moved up to a 9 seed in his new Bracketology!

SENIOR NIGHT FOR THE LADIES. As they take on Kansas State tonight at 7 pm in Hilton Coliseum.

NICK SABAN, MASTER POLITICIAN. It seems like Nick Saban would make for an excellent one, with all the flip flopping he's done on this 4 year scholarship business.

S-E-C! Saban is what Mizzou and A&M will have to deal with next year, as terms of the Tigers and Aggies withdrawal from the Big 12 have been announced. Seems like Mizzou drew the short straw here.

WORST YEAR EVER. Tommy Tuberville got crushed again by Paul Rhoads, his wife was charged with manslaughter a while back, and now he has a 1.7 million dollar fraud lawsuit pending against him.