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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/3/12


ALL THE CYCLONE BASKETBALL YOU CAN HANDLE. The women play host to the Texas Longhorns at 1 PM Saturday, while the men travel to Norman to face the Sooners at 5. All In?

INSERT JOKE ABOUT MIZZOU BEING PERFECT FOR THE SEC HERE. A great story on Holloway Smith at and the struggles he overcame while playing for Iowa State.

THE 1.6 MILLION DOLLAR MAN. Otherwise known as Paul Rhoads. His fairly reasonable contract figures were released yesterday. Bobby LaGesse really hits the mark on this column about the extension.

LES MILES LIKES THEM BUSTY. He's seen calling decommit Gunner Kiel out on not being "chesty" enough to lead LSU. Ignoring the total WTF here, still not the classiest move.

BRET BIELEMA NEEDS HIS MOMMY. Bielema has complained about Urban Meyer's recruiting practices to Barry Alvarez, who is going to "talk to Jim Delany about it". I am personally in favor of some recruiting reform, such as an early signing period, but Bielema just sounds bitter and jealous.

MORE ELLIS HOBBS. Still no word about him actually being on the staff, but it seems like he'll definitely be in Ames in the near future.

IF ONLY THIS WAS THE SETUP FOR THE PRO BOWL. Jon Bois and Spencer Hall play the Super Bowl on Madden with punters as QBs.