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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/9/12


THE WORST OP-ED EVER. This opinion article by Darrin Cline of the Iowa State Daily on "Student Athletes lacking respectability" is unbelievable. Between the skewed stats and the odd application of dress code to moral code, there's almost too much terrible to explain. I'm all for criticizing our athletes if they're actually getting in trouble (no more percentage wise than the rest of the student body), but this is completely unfair to the ones that do nothing but good (even if they do it while in sweatpants).

ON THE SAME DAY BRETT BUEKER WINS A COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD. The ONLY football player in the Big 12 to be named to the Community of Champions. Congratulations to Brett on the honor.

WE'RE CUDDLY! Iowa State is the Big 12 pick on the list of Spencer Hall's College Football Teams To Cuddle, For The Moment.

ANOTHER DOUBLE DOUBLE FOR POPPENS. And the Cyclones win again, 65-52 over Mizzou. Lauren Mansfield was a big lift with 21 points, a season high.

WELCOME WVU! Finally, the Big East and West Virginia came to a settlement and the Mountaineers seem poised to be able to start play in the Big 12 in 2012.

BIG 12 EXPANSION! We have Senators Mitch McConnell and Joe Manchin STILL pissy at each other over the Louisville-WVU to the Big 12 fiasco, while at the SAME TIME, Clemson and FSU are rumored to be passing up Louisville on the list of Big 12 wanted schools. Put me down as skeptical on this one actually happening.

THE BIG EAST ADDS A SCHOOL ACTUALLY LOCATED IN THE EAST! It's Memphis. If you don't know much about Memphis, here's a handy guide.