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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/12/12

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GOING DANCING! I'm sure no one has heard, but Iowa State makes its return to the tourney at the same 8/9 slot that they had during their last tournament appearance. The Cyclones will square off with the UConn Huskies at 8.20 PM Central on Thursday.

ROYCE IS PREPARING FOR HACK-A-ROYCE. White talks about how he's spending his practice time this week shooting free throws, while Chris Allen is excited to be playing UConn again, a sentiment that Royce echoes.

SCOTTY'S NOT DWELLING ON THE PAST. He's looking past the Texas loss and going full steam ahead with tourney preparations.

BIG 12 HOSED? ISU Associate AD Steve Malchow certainly believes so. But he's right, prove it on the court and it won't matter what the committee thought of the Big 12.

GUIDE TO LOUISVILLE. For those making the trip, here's a helpful guide to Louisville.

TOURNEY PICK 'EM. I'll probably remind you all at least once a day this week, but join the WRNL pick em group on Yahoo! for your chance to win a Dreamy and/or Riot shirt.

TEAM GOTTLIEB! While most pundits are already talking about a big matchup between UConn and Kentucky in the second round, Doug Gottlieb is squarely on the Cyclone bandwagon. Looks like Cyclone fans can love him again.