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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/14/12


WAS LOSING TO TEXAS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE? Chris Williams discusses this theory with the team.

MO MONEY LESS PROBLEMS. The Big 12 has reportedly reached a new deal with ESPN, that in combination with the preexisting Fox deal, will be worth in excess of 2.5 billion over the next 13 years. Bad news for those who wanted the Big 12 to expand back to 12 teams, as it seems unlikely schools will want to cut the pie even further.

OBAMA PICKS US! The President has filled out his bracket, and just like LeBron James and Rajon Rondo, has picked Iowa State over UConn in the second round, only to fall to Kentucky (not surprising). UNC is his National Champion.

DARK HORSIN' IT. NBC Sports' CollegeBasketballTalk thinks Iowa State is a dark horse for the Final Four. Let's hope it doesn't jinx the Cyclones like that article about being a dark horse to win the Big 12 Tournament...

Q&A WITH THEUCONNBLOG. We used our terribly unscientific expertise to answer some questions for our Thursday foes. We had them answer some questions for us too, so keep a look out for that post later today.

MELO OUT. Less than an hour after Ken Pomeroy predicted a 1 seed to go down to a 16 this year, the key to Syracuse's zone was declared ineligible for the NCAA tournament.

MORE/LESS TARP NEEDED! Baylor found their own T Boone Pickens, who is is paying for a new on-campus stadium for the Bears. The new stadium will seat 45,000, which is actually less than the current capacity of Floyd Casey (50,000), but expandable to 55,000, which would make one lucky TARP manufacturer very happy.

STILL A LOT BETTER THAN THIS IDEA. Oklahoma State is losing 33 million due to this ridiculous life-insurance scheme they hatched.

NOT TO PILE ON TO OKLAHOMA STATE, but Barking Carnival takes an in depth look at the upset of the year.

UNC FALLOUT. Former Tarheel safety Deunta Williams goes off about the punishment handed down to his school, saying "What happened at Carolina is child’s play compared to what happens at the SEC."

EVERYONE LOVES THE TOURNEY. Dan Grunfeld talks about experiencing the greatest tournament in sports as a player, fan, and fanatic.

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