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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/15/12 (Best Day Of The Year Edition)

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ONE LAST REMINDER. Join the WRNL pick em group on Yahoo! for your chance to win a Dreamy and/or Riot shirt. Remember, you also win a shirt if for the most creative bracket name. You can enter/edit your bracket up until 11:15 AM Central.

WORKING TODAY? If you aren't at home and want to watch legally, Coke Zero's hooking you up. Texting 0IowaState to 2653 worked for me.

SCIENTIFICALLY PICKING UPSETS. The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective looks at the chances of each team advances by the numbers.

ROYCE LOVES ROADTRIPS (AND ADELE?). While the rest of the team was flying to Louisville, White climbed in a car with his grandpa and made the 10 hour trip.

PAUL SHIRLEY WOULD RATHER BE IN HAITI. This is all stuff we had inklings about before, but Shirley confirms his hatred for Larry Eustachy and Jamaal Tinsley.

SPEAKING OF LARRY... He's humbled by a return to the NCAA tournament.

Y NO LIKE AMES PAT FORDE? Forde previews the South Region and hates on both Ames and Iowa State's chances in the tourney, giving the Cyclones the distinction of being the only seed 1-14 with a non Sweet 16 best case scenario.

A LITTLE MORE FAVORABLE. A Sea of Blue also previews the South Region.

MORE KENITH POPE. Chris Williams continues his conversation with ISU's RB coach.

WHOEVER'S DESIGNING THAT SOUTH ENDZONE SHOULD READ THIS. Spencer Hall examines how to make the loudest football stadium possible.