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We'll have our own game thread tonight, but chances are that you're going to watch the previous twelve games today.

11:15 (CBS) - Murray State vs. Colorado State
11:40 (truTV) - Kansas State vs. Southern Miss
12:40 (TBS) - Louisville vs. Davidson
1:10 (TNT) - Wisconsin vs. Montana

1:45 (CBS) - Marquette vs. BYU
2:10 (truTV) - Syracuse vs. UNC Asheville
3:10 (TBS) - New Mexico vs. Long Beach State
3:40 (TNT) - Vanderbilt vs. Harvard

5:50 (TBS) - Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky
6:15 (CBS) - Wichita State vs. VCU
6:20 (TNT) - Gonzaga vs. West Virginia
6:27 (truTV) - Baylor vs. South Dakota State

8:45 (CBS) - Indiana vs. New Mexico State
8:50 (TNT) - Ohio State vs. Loyola Maryland
8:57 (truTV) - UNLV vs. Colorado

It's the greatest day of the year. March Madness, we've missed you.