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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/16/12

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THE BIGGEST 8/9 UPSET BY A FAVORITE EVER! The Cyclones started hot and didn't look back, defeating the defending national champs by a 77-64 score.

COCKBLOCKING, IOWA STATE STYLEE. A lot of people wanted the matchup of the defending champs and this year's #1 team, but Iowa State was having none of that.

BABB GETTING HIS DUE. Lot of credit going to Chris Babb for holding Jeremy Lamb to a 6 of 15 performance.

UCONN LUCKY? Jeff Goodman says the Huskies are lucky to lose, putting an end to their underachieving season, while in turn allowing a team with a chance against Kentucky to play Saturday at 6:45 CT.

INTERESTING WHAT ONE GAME CAN DO FOR PERCEPTION. After mostly counting out the Cyclones in the South region, a strong showing last night has some people believing, including AP Writer Nancy Armour and DM Register columnist Marc Hansen.


HUGS ALL AROUND! Brent Blum looks at how everything's going great in Cyclone Nation right now, even ex-Iowa State players and coaches.

UCONN'S SEASON IN ONE GIF. Jeremy Lamb blowing a showboat dunk in the closing seconds of a loss. If you prefer video instead... here you go.