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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/2/12


FOR ALL THE TARPS. Baylor and Iowa State square off tomorrow to determine the Big 12's 3rd seed. Kirk Haaland has your usual preview. As the men play at Hilton, the women end their season traveling to Waco to take on the #1 ranked Lady Bears.

TOO MANY THREES? Kirk addresses if Iowa State shoots too many 3s.

LET'S GUESS WHO OFFERED PJ3 MONEY! Perry Jones III says one Big 12 school offered him money. I'd think it's between Oklahoma State and Texas for the honors.

MORE HOMOEROTIC DUDES PLEASE! Says Texas A&M, in voting down Samantha Ketcham's attempt to become the first female Aggie Yell Leader.

AMES VISITORS' GUIDE. ESPN Big 12 Blogger David Ubben wants your suggestions for places to check out in Ames. He could just check out our handy guide... because whoever suggested Applebee's should be punched (Suggestion is still fitting if it was just a Hawk fan trolling).

SB Nation's newest YouTube show starring Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall. It's a good laugh and certainly better than reading another ***Official*** weather thread on CF.

I DON'T CARE IF THIS IS A PARODY. It's still terrible beyond your wildest dreams.