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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/23/12

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SLEDGE TO TRANSFER. According to The Des Moines Register, freshman guard Tavon Sledge will transfer. This frees up his scholarship to be taken by Naz Long. The article also expounds on the future of Iowa State basketball without Royce White.

WOMEN CAN TRANSFER TOO. Bill Fennelly announces two players that are leaving the women's basketball team. Kelsey Harris and Kileah Mays combined for 3.7 points per game in 2011-2012.

DES MOINES REGIONAL. Yes, Des Moines is hosting a regional this year. Yes, it is in women's basketball. Yes, Britney Griner will probably dunk. But does anyone know about it?

YERO IS GONEO. Assistant wrestling coach Yero Washington is leaving Iowa State to take over at a non-profit in Los Angeles.

SPRING FOOTBALL. Chris Williams has a write up on the first day of spring practice and what he saw. Very rosy, even when everyone in the spring looks the part.

PRACTICE #2. has a look at practice #2 with an interview with Bill Bleil and highlights of some of the offensive position groups.

YARGGGHHH 64 TEAMS MATEY. The pirate captain wants a 64-team playoff to decide the NCAA football national champion. O...K...