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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/26/12


SATURDAY SPRING PRACTICE #4. Check out the videos from here.

TYSHAWN TAYLOR OWNS HARRISON BARNES. Tyshawn Taylor looked more the part of a #1 ranked HS recruit than Barnes, leading Kansas to a 80-67 win for a Final Four spot.

SCOUTING KO. Gritz Blitz, an Atlanta Falcons blog, looks at Kelechi Osemele and fits for him in the NFC South.

VOLLEYBALL STARTS AGAIN. This whole two season thing will always confuse me, but the ladies started the spring season with a weekend split, including a defeat to the Creighton Fighting McDermotts.

DRAFT EXPRESS BACKS UP ROYCE'S DECISION. The NBA Mock Draft website has Royce White listed as the #20 draft-eligible prospect.

BURNING COUCHES! And it's not West Virginia fans doing it. No word yet if copyright infringement lawsuits will be filed by Mountaineer fans.

BILL BYRNES GETS NOSTALGIC! Texas A&M's athletic director reflects on the sadness of not playing Texas anymore. Once again, Bill displays the A&M way of wanting it all with little regard for others.