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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/27/12

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MORE AWARDS! Royce was given an AP All-America Honorable Mention yesterday.

THIS IS ALL-BIG 12 HONORS? I know Scotty only received third team honors, but the Big 12 must have spent like 3 cents on this.

MENS' TOURNAMENT IN DES MOINES? Mark Emmert says Des Moines just needs to "keep slugging away" for tournament site inclusion.

FRANK TO USC, OFFICIALLY. He's confirmed the reports he's heading to South Carolina to ESPN, and if you're looking for reasons why, check out this article detailing the erosion of Martin and AD John Currie's relationship.

KABONGOIN' BACK TO SCHOOL. Standout freshman Myck Kabongo is returning to Texas for his sophomore season.

JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT... Craig James reminds us all he's the worst person (in sports/politics) alive.

RIPPING HARRISON BARNES. Jay Kang destroys HB in this article, which is pretty much all true. I hold no ill will towards Harrison, but he really has been disappointing.

TEBOWSANITY. Spencer Hall writes the oddest combination of stuff about Tim Tebow, and it ends up hilarious.