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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/28/12

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MORE AP AWARDS. This time an All-America Honorable Mention for Chelsea Poppens, matching Royce White.

SOCIALIZED ATHLETICS. How do you feel about Iowa State and Iowa paying for UNI's athletic department deficit?

CLYCIOUS! with about the 9000th feature on Will Clyburn and Korie Lucious and their expected contributions to the team next year.

LINE PLAY > QB PLAY. Much attention has been on the Jantz/Barnett battle, but Paul Rhoads and Steve Malchow think improved line play will be the key to 2012 success.

MEET TROY DOUGLAS. The coaching staff have put out a video on our new defensive backs coach.

"THE BRAIN OF THE O-LINE". Jeff Woody on Tom Farniok, who made huge leaps as a freshman center.

KENTUCKY FRIED RIVALRY. Pat Forde talks about the intense Louisville-Kentucky rivalry we get to experience this weekend.

AND.... THIS IS WHY IT'S INTENSE. Two dialysis patients in Kentucky had a fist fight because they disagreed on who would win the game Saturday.