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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/30/12


BACKWARDS VISOR GUY MIC'D UP. Todd Sturdy is a pretty animated dude. Also, Jerome Tiller shows off his leaping ability in the end zone at 2:17.

THE WELFARE MAN'S VERSION OF ANTONIO GATES. takes a look at Ernst Brun's basketball background and his adjustment to being a tight end.

PURPLE GOTTLIEB. Encouraged by the success of Fred Hoiberg, Doug Gottlieb is openly campaigning for the Kansas State job.

AIRBHG STRIKES AGAIN. Projected Hawkeye starting running back Jordan Canzeri is out with an ACL tear. We may all hate the Hawks, but we never wish injuries (let alone about 19 running backs in the last 5 years) on anyone.

HEY, THIS MIGHT BE EXACTLY HOW SOME CYCLONE AND HAWKEYE FANS SOUND! Jon Bois takes an outsider's view of the Louisville-Kentucky Rivalry, and everyone comes off terrible.

HB DONE AT UNC. As are John Henson and Kendall Marshall. Good luck to Harrison in the NBA.

IOWA STATE THE WORST JOB IN THE BIG 12? When you see that Allen Kenney admits to emphasizing recruiting grounds above all, it's hard to argue with him.

TEXAS HAS NEW PRACTICE UNIS. And they look like Chinese Bengals knockoffs!

IT'S LIKE KU'S VERSION OF PODOLAK! Boobs are pretty sweet though (SFW).