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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/5/12

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A TRUE ROMANTIC. Scott Christopherson on kissing Hilton upon his exit from Saturday's victory over Baylor: "Hilton has been good to me. Just like in real life, any time that a girl is good to you, you’ve got to let her know that you appreciate her. I was just telling her thanks." - via Chris Williams.

"THE LOUDEST I'VE HEARD THIS BUILDING IN A LONG TIME" - Steve Malchow, on the return of Hilton Magic.

BRACKETOLOGY. Iowa State moves up to an 8 seed in SB Nation's bracketology. and an 8 seed in Jerry Palm's Bracketology!

PAID FOR GETTING BLOWN OUT. Rick Brown of the Register looks at the rising cost of scheduling out of conference opponents in college basketball.

HE'LL JUST DO IT FOR FREE. Ndamakong Suh says he would never partake in a bounty program to take out other players.

POOR GREG. Gary Parrish on Greg McDermott's failures at Iowa State and successes at Creighton. Parrish makes McDermott seem he was just an innocent bystander to the failures and losing Wesley Johnson "to the lure of Syracuse". Good for McDermott for going back to his roots (and the article does do a good job of explaining his strengths and weaknesses), but don't make it seem like he was the victim, especially while Fred Hoiberg wins Big 12 co-coach of the year honors the day after out-coaching Scott Drew.

NEINAS ON PLAYOFFS. Chuck supports a four team playoff, not that he'll be around to see it instituted.