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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/8/12


FINALLY, THE GOOD STUFF. Big 12 Second Round games start at 11:30 today with Kansas State - Baylor and goes all day, finishing with Iowa State - Texas, and as always, here's a preview from Kirk Haaland, and a Hit Tape if you need extra pumping up.

ROYCE DUNKING ON MINI FREDS. This is what happens when a bunch of basketball players are bored in a hotel lobby.

TEXAS IS IN. According to SB Nation's Bracketology, thanks to Seton Hall's loss yesterday, Texas is in as of now.

BONUS POINTS FOR MENTIONING WRNL. Katy Bell discusses what it means to be "All In" as a Cyclone fan.

THIS HOMEGROWN IDEA SEEMS TO BE WORKING SO FAR... talks about new Wide Receivers coach Todd Sturdy's return to his home state

NCAA TICKETS! It's been so long that any Cyclone fan has had the opportunity to do this, but here's how to get tickets to the tourney..

MEAUX FEMALE KICKERS! Not unattractive LSU futbol goalie Mo Isom is trying out to kick for the football team and has apparently made 51 yarders in practice. The fact she's already buds with a lot of the football team may help her win the role of kickoff specialist. Here's her with Tyrann Mathieu.

MIZZOU'S NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL! Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel says that he "wishes the Big 12 luck, but can't wish Kansas luck." A man after my own heart. On the other hand, Mizzou has also been playing these commercials during the SEC Basketball (HA!) Tournament.