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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/9/12

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SOUNDED LIKE HILTON SOUTH, DIDN'T PLAY LIKE IT WAS HILTON SOUTH. Iowa State drops one to Texas and is now left to sit at home and wait for Selection Sunday. Texas, meanwhile, has likely punched their ticket to the dance.

J'COVAN'D. Chris Babb did his best on J'Covan Brown, actually holding him to 36% shooting, but Brown was huge down the stretch, and idiot Iowa and Penn State fans were happy to troll him on Twitter, completely forgetting their own crappy teams probably could use a few more Chris Babbs.

WHAT DOES THE LOSS MEAN? Marc Hansen looks at the loss of momentum in the wake of yesterday's defeat.

HOW IS THIS CORRECTABLE? Kirk Haaland with an interesting stat on Royce's shots vs. our record.

NO THREE GAME SWEEP. The Cyclone women couldn't complete the 3 game season sweep of the KSU Wildcats, falling 67-63.

PEOPLE BET ON SEC BASKETBALL? Former UT guard and currently suspended Auburn guard Varez Ward is at the center of an FBI point shaving scandal.

HERE'S OMER ASIK BREAKING A FALL WITH HIS FACE. Because it makes me feel better about both our teams getting knocked out of the Big 12 tourney.