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Hey Girl: An Invitation to Hilton Coliseum

Hey girl, how you doin'? It's the Iowa State basketball team. It's been awhile since we talked. Too long, if you ask us. But we're here to rectify that situation.

We want you to join us this Sunday at our house for a special party. Now this won't be just any party. This going to be a celebration, girl. An event.

You see, it's not everyday that we get invited to the NCAA Tournament. Oh sure, it used happen all the time. Almost every year, it seemed like. But then the tournament moved on. Forgot about us. But now it's come crawling back, begging for a little of that Hilton Magic to make it feel good again.

And we want you there with us, girl! This is an exclusive invitation just for you, 'cause we love you. We need you by our side. What's that? Oh, you can definitely bring your friends. We're freaky like that. There'll be more than enough love to go around.

We'll also be filming this.

No, wait! It's not even like that! It's just going to be us and CBS. Very intimate. We just want to share this with the world. Something this special... this right needs to be captured for eternity on tape. We'll make you look beautiful. Promise.

So why don't you come by Hilton at 4:00 PM this Sunday. We'd tell you to dress up, but you always look good, girl. We'll dim the lights, put some some Darude on the Hi-Fi, and we can get busy in the bleachers.

Iowa State Selection Show Event at Hilton Coliseum, Sunday, March 11. Doors open at 4:00 PM, show starts at 5:00 PM